Chapter 8 Advanced Topics

8.1 Other Sites

Sites that are useful for general background

8.2 Hardware

8.2.1 Freestyle Libre hardware information

  • Freestyle Libre sensor teardown: Blogger Ido Roseman takes one apart, with photos.
  • Reddit forum says: “it would appear that Libre sensors use NfcV, while S8 does not support NfcV (ISO 15693) but happily talks over NfcA and NfcB (ISO/IEC 14443). “
  • Insulin calculator: settings/professional and password = CAA1C

8.2.2 Freestyle-compatible

Hardware devices that work with the Freestyle Libre. Using an NFC reader that talks directly to the Libre sensor, they send information to a bluetooth phone.

8.2.3 Other hardware

8.3 Scientific articles

A handy table of CGM clinical trials (via AMJC)