7  Advanced Topics

How to do your own personal science experiments with continuous glucose monitoring.

7.1 Other Sites

Sites that are useful for general background

7.2 Hardware

7.2.1 Freestyle Libre hardware information

  • Freestyle Libre sensor teardown: Blogger Ido Roseman takes one apart, with photos.
  • Reddit forum says: “it would appear that Libre sensors use NfcV, while S8 does not support NfcV (ISO 15693) but happily talks over NfcA and NfcB (ISO/IEC 14443). “
  • Insulin calculator: settings/professional and password = CAA1C

7.2.2 Freestyle-compatible

Hardware devices that work with the Freestyle Libre. Using an NFC reader that talks directly to the Libre sensor, they send information to a bluetooth phone.

7.2.3 Other hardware

7.3 Scientific articles

A handy table of CGM clinical trials (via AMJC)


8 Other Summary Resources

Other places to find more links and other information

Continuous Glucose Monitor page for the open source Loop project.