Practical techniques to apply scientific principles to your own life.

How to do your own personal science experiments with continuous glucose monitoring.

Personal Science


September 22, 2022

1 Prerequisites

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is among the most exciting personal science experiments you can conduct on yourself. This book will explain how to get started.

Before you buy one of those expensive kits from one of the many commercial companies that offer the devices as part of their diet and nutrition programs, learn how to do it yourself for about $30 - $50. All of the direct-to-consumer kits use the same FDA-regulated device that is available at your local pharmacy for fraction of the price.

This site will show you step-by-step how to get the same results as the expensive products: an instant look at your glucose levels at any time day or night. After that, you can decide for yourself it it’s worth it for you to buy the other services.